Sonnet on a pedestal

Though well-intentioned, Love should stand aloof.In passing moments fragile, hearts may bloomAnd die, as seconds crack and clocks toll doom:The glare of Fate is cold and holds reproof. Careless Love! Your fumbling comes to naught!She dwells where lesser things are… Read More »Sonnet on a pedestal

Of birds and men

I found a bird with broken wing,it could not fly, nor would it sing.Its eyes seemed full of strong appealto come with me that it might heal. I gave it food and bound its wing,it could not fly, I heard… Read More »Of birds and men


The box is smaller now.My arms squeezed out through cracks,my legs doubled, pulling my spine taut.My chin burrows into my chest, elbows dig into my sidewhile all around the sides of the box press closer. – I sleep and dream… Read More »Boxes