No longer reachable at 867-5309

Drop me a line

You can reach me directly at +34 659 006 155 (works with WhatsApp, Telegram, or whatever).

I tend to avoid social media like the plague. Also, I try to respond to messages as soon as I can but please bear in mind what my e-mail signature says. In order to avoid spam bots, I never include my e-mail address on this page, but you’re welcome to mail me using frank at robledano dot c-o-m.

If you have some free time, you can take a look at some of my articles on Medium.

You can also review my professional experience on LinkedIn or start a conversation through their chat interface.

“I normally take a bit of time to read messages and reflect upon them before responding. The current trend of requiring a frenetic response post-haste is incompatible with sensible expectations and how I choose to engage with others. If you require celerity, just call me.”

From Frank’s e-mail signature